Security & Landscape Lighting

We install floodlights, driveway and path lights to make it safe and easy for you and your guest to enter or leave your home. These lights can be controlled remotely from your car so you can "light it up" when you arrive after dark.

Landscape lighting is attractive by adding accent to the driveway, trees and facade of your home.

Security lighting provides peace of mind by detecting movement around your home at night.

We have ideas and solutions for your landscape lighting. Our experience in helping homeowners with their landscape lighting needs allows us to suggest or implement ideas for you. Properly installed lights can add drama to your shrubbery, exterior walls and flower beds. We can also install lights underwater in your fountain or fish pond.

Other types of outdoor lighting include step lights and wall sconces for patios, decks or retaining walls.
As with everything we do you are covered by our Lifetime warranty. Let us help you today and you can relax and enjoy the results.

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